Touch Our Minds
International Congress of Portuguese Association of Physiotherapists - Manual Therapy Special Interest Group - 18 - 20 October 2002 - Estoril - Portugal


1st Day - Friday October 18th 

08.00 Opening Secretariat 

09.30 Opening Ceremony 

10.00 Main Lecture 

Chairperson - Jo„o Vasconcelos Abreu

Patientís Perspectives of Low Back Pain 
Prof. Ann Moore

10.40 Discussion 

10.50 Coffee Break 

11.20 Invited Papers Session 

Chairperson - Annelies Pool

Measurements of peripheral nerve motions using ultra sound 
Alan Hough 

Ultra sound monitoring of the muscles of anterior abdominal wall in low back patients 
Steve Bunce 

12.40 Lunch 

14.00 Free Paper Session

Chairperson - Isabel Rasgado Rodrigues

14.00 IFOMT Meeting

15.20 Main Lecture 

Chairperson  - Prof. Ann Moore

Pain production and pain perception influences on pain management 
Prof. Gerbrand Groen 

16.00 Discussion 

16.10 Coffee Break 

16.40 Free Paper Session 

Chairperson - Peter Bolens

18.00 Welcome Cocktail 

2nd Day - Saturday, October 19th 

09.00 Free Paper Session

Chairperson - Josť Marcelino

10.20 Main Lecture 

Chairperson  - Agneta Lando

Movement Dysfunction 
Mark Comerford 

11.00 Discussion 

11.10 Coffee Break 

Invited Papers Session 

Chairperson -  Jane Greening

Quantitative measurements of lumbar range of motion 
Mike Troke 

Grades of movement revisited 
Nicola Petty 

Upper Cervical Stability Tests Ė Validity and reliability 
Karen Beeton 

13.00 Lunch 

14.30 Free Paper Session 

Chairperson - Mark Comerford

15.50 Main Lecture 

Chairperson - Gerbrand Groen

New topics in pelvic research 
Annelies en Jan Pool 

16.30 Discussion 

16.40 Coffee Break 

Main Lecture

Chairperson- Jeffrey Boyling

Minor nerve injury: an underestimated source of pain 
Prof. Jane Greening 

17.50 Discussion 

18.00 IFOMT Meeting

20.00 Conference Dinner 

3rd Day - Sunday , October 20th 

09.00 - Invited Papers Session

Chairperson - Jo„o Vasconcelos Martins 

Functional Assessment of the Shoulder. Three dimensional scapulo-humeral rhythm as a clinical parameter
Augusto Gil Pascoal

Gleno-humeral joint instability
Lucy Redhead

Functional Stability-Effects of tapping
Josť Esteves

The hypothetic Deductive Approach in a Case Study
Isabel Rasgado Rodrigues

10:50 - Free Paper Session 
Chairperson - Isabel Bastos de Almeida

11:00 - Discussion

11:10 - Coffee Break

12:10 - Main Lecture
Chairperson - Marina Wallin

Occupational health, ergonomics and musculoskeletal therapist.
Jeffrey Boyling

13:00 - Closing Ceremony

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