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The International Federation of Professional Abortion and Contraception Association (FIAPAC) conference took place in Portugal from October 13 to 15.

Lisbon’s candidacy for the venue of this conference occurred three years ago and this city was chosen among several other European capitals. The 12th FIAPAC Conference in our country recognized the importance of the decriminilization of abortion and Portugal’s scientific capacity having as host the Portuguese Society of Contraception (SPDC)..

Culturgest was the chosen venue by the organization for the conference. With the title “Improving women’s journey throught abortion”, with an intense scientific program and an active participation during three days, 618 professionals from 52 countries addressed laws, human rights, latest procedural methodologies, safety, pschological impact and contraception counselling.

In Portugal, voluntary interruption of pregnancy is mainly integrated in the Obstetrics Services of the National health systems. The Portuguese State promotes and guarantees access to contraception following this procedure which is not the case in many other countries. The fact that clandistine abortion is still an important cause of mortality and morbidity in many countries cannot be ignored. Therefore the international debate regarding this issue is the scientific community’s contribution to the legalization of abortion for the promotion and protection of health.

The consensus among those present at the conference was that the choice of Portugal and, specifically, the city of Lisbon, guaranteed easy access, good accommodation, reasonable costs and, above all, security. Previous conferences regarding abortion were the object of animosity by certain social groups which resulted in some insecurity. This did not happen in Portugal.

The final result and the assessment of the participants were excellent not only of the work done but also because many of them took advantage of their presence in Portugal to enjoy a few days holiday.

Visit the oficial website in www.fiapac.org