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ESHRE 2015 – 10.000 plus world specialists

Jun 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Last week, in Lisbon, saw the end of the annual ESHRE meeting which brought to the city 10 thousand participants from all over the world including embryologists, reproductive medicine surgeons, gynecologists, psychologists, nurses, sponsors and journalists.

The 2015 edition beat all records in number of participants in previous events making it the biggest congress ever of the European Society of Reproductive and Embryological Medicine. 

MC supported the promotion of this mega congress in Portugal and is proud of having participated in the project which constituted for the company a big challenge in its planning and organizational logistics. This was yet another big event held in Lisbon proving that despite its difficulties, the city can successfully host large events.

20M Euros is the estimated financial impact during the four days of the event. Included in this estimate are space rental costs, construction of rooms and supporting structures, rentals of equipment, catering services, human resources, among others.


– Number of participants: 10.088 of which 9.939 from abroad.

– Number of exhibits/stands: 143 with a total area of 4.446 m2

 Constructed rooms: 5  with varying capacities for between 4.000 and 450 people.

– Human resources:  500 people worked in the organization and operations of the event in logistics, assembly of audiovisual equipment, room construction, catering services and other.

– During the four days of the event the catering services provided 120.000 petits fours  for the coffee breaks; 40.000 canapés for the cocktail; 25.550 sandwiches; 20.000 pieces of fruit; 10.000 muffins; 10.000 cereal bars; 18.500 glasses of orange juice, 300 large bottles of water (5.670 liters).

Social events.

– Organization of the We Run Fertility with 230 participants the proceeds of which were donated to the Fertility Europe association.
– Food leftovers including 3.299 pieces from the 4 days event were donated to the Associação Casa da Sopa Mãe Maria de Nazaré.

– Accommodations: the event occupied the city’s entire hotel room capacity from June 13-17, 2015.