20th Congress EADV - Lisbon - October 2011 - Portugal
20th Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology - Lisbon - October 2011
EADV Congress LISBON 2011

Monday – 24 October

Closing Ceremony (11h30 to 11h45)


S33 Mucosal Diseases
       Chair: D. Parent (Brussels, Belgium)
       Co-chair: L. Vaillant (Tours, France) 
       Co-chair: S.R. Georgescu (Buchares, Romania)
S34 Use of Classic Systemic Drugs in Dermatological Practice 
       Chair: S. Karpati (Budapest, Hungary)
       Co-chair: G. Chaidemenos (Thessaloniki, Greece)
       Co-chair: N. Tsankov (Sofia, Bulgaria)
S35 Sexually transmitted diseases 
       Chair: R. Patel (Winchester, UK)
       Co-chair: M. Skerlev (Zagreb, Croatia)
       Co-chair: M. Gomberg (Moscow, Russia)
S36 Skin Cancers in Organ-transplanted Patients 
       Chair: S. Euvrard (Lyon, France)
       Co-chair: J Szepietowski (Wroclaw, Poland)
       Co-chair: N. Bouwes Bavinck (Leiden, Netherlands)
S37 Management of Haemangiomas and Vascular Malformation  
       Chair: A. Troilius (Malmö, Sweden)
       Co-chair: C. Léauté-Labreze (Bordeaux, France)
       Co-chair: M. Adatto (Bern, Switzerland)
S38 New Drugs and Targeted Therapies in Dermatology 
       Chair: G. Stingl (Vienna, Austria) 
       Co-chair: TBA
       Co-chair: P. Joly (Rouen, France)
S39 Health Economics and Ethical Issues in Dermatology  
       Chair: O Larkö (Gothenburg, Sweden)
       Co-chair: TBA
       Co-chair: L. Braathen (Ittigen, Switzerland)
S40 Common Hair Problems in Daily Practice 
       Chair: J. Ferrando (Barcelona, Spain) 
       Co-chair: R.M. Trueb (Zurich, Switzerland) 
       Co-chair: D. Van Neste (Brussels, Belgium)
S41 Dermatology and Internal Medicine 
       Chair: P. Wolkenstein (Paris, France) 
       Co-chair: L. Toroko (Keckemet, Hungary)
       Co-chair: G. Girolomoni (Verona, Italy)
S42 Pitfalls in Daily Practice 
       Chair: A. Figueiredo (Coimbra, Portugal)
       Co-chair: A.M. Forsea (Bucharest, Romania)
       Co-chair: P. Itin (Basel, Switzerland

W26 Hair Diseases in Childhood 
        Chair: R. Grimalt (Terrassa, Spain)
        Co-chair: P. Steijlen (Maastricht, Netherlands)

W27  Hidradenitis Suppurativa
        Chair: H. Van der Zee (Rotherdam, Netherlands)
        Co-Chair: TBA

W28  Aquatic Dermatology
        Chair: G. Angelini (Bari, Italy)
        Co-Chair: TBA

W29 Behcet’s Disease
        Chair: C. Zouboulis (Dessau, Germany)
        Co-Chair: M.A. Gürer (Ankara, Turkey)

W30  Complications of Cosmetic Techniques
        Chair: A. Fratila (Bonn, Germany)
        Co-chair: H. Zelenkova (Svidnik, Slovakia)


TY06  Is it Skin Allergy? - What is your Diagnosis?
        A. Bircher (Basel, Switzerland)

TY07  Genital and Oral Lesions - What’s your Diagnosis?
        F. Lewis (London, UK)

WN01 What’s new in Venereology? 
        A. Stary (Vienna, Austria)
WN02 What’s new in Dermatological Therapy 
        T. Schwarz (Kiel, Germany)
WN03 What’s new in Dermatopathology – Important for the Clinical Practice
        L. Requena (Madrid, Spain)
WN04 What’s new in Clinical Dermatology? 
        U. Blume-Petavyi (Berlin, Germany)


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